Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And so it begins...

Well hello there, and welcome!
I'm sure you can see, this is they very first post of my brand-spankin-new blog!
I love to cook. You could say it's my passion! The feeling I have when I'm in the kitchen is indescribable--all of my stress disappears, and it just feels...right. I've always loved to help my mom in the kitchen as a tiny tot, whether it was weeknight meals or holiday feasts. As I got older, I took on my own styles and started to cook on my own. Now, I cook dinner for my family almost every night, and I love to bake for my friends! (I'm always bringing treats to school, and I've earned quite a reputation, haha!) I hope you stick around to follow my wild ride as I create, indulge, learn, and heat things up :)
See you soon!

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